Old School New Body Review

Old School New Body Review

Welcome to Old School New Body Review. My name is Chris, the editor of Oldschoolnewbodyreviews.net. With my own copy, I will share my opinions about the product as well as show you what’s inside the program. You will have ample knowledge to decide whether Old School New Body is the right choice for you. Let’s go!

Quick Summary

Name: Old School New Body

Creator: Steve and Becky Holman (husband & wife)

Including: A complete guide to diet, nutrition, and exercise. F4x (Focus-4 Exercise) protocol helps increase metabolism while reducing the risk of injuries during a workout.

Goals: Lose weight and look younger

Audience: Men and women over 35 years old

Price: $37 $20 one-time cost

Refund Policy: 60-day money back guarantee

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What exactly is Old School New Body?

Old School New Body is a comprehensive guide to diet, nutrition, and exercise. It aims to overhaul your life and keep your body in optimal condition.

The authors, Steve and Becky, have been in the fitness industry for ages. The couple is both over 50 years old, and yet they have fit and much younger than they are. Steve Holman has been in the fitness industry for 25 years is the editor in chief of Iron Man Magazine.

Becky has two daughters. When she hit her 40s, she was tired of her worn out looks and decided to overhaul her life. Becky is now a fitness and nutrition author, contributing regularly at Iron Man Magazine.


What are the benefits of F4X protocol?

Introducing the F4X protocol. F4X stands for Focus-4 Exercise. It is designed to give your workout routines a structured and graduated approach. F4X is a combination of cardio and resistance training. Both of those are critical to maximizing weight loss and fat burning within the shortest amount of time and with the minimalist impact on joints. You will work all the core muscles in your body.

The four exercises include:

  1. Squatting
  2. Flat bench presses
  3. Bent over the rows
  4. Dumbbell upright rows

The goal is to do 10 reps per set, 4 sets with a short 35-second rest between sets. As you progress through each set, you will build up the harder set on the forth.

What’s Included in Old School new Body?

  • The Old School New Body eBook (PDF) is the meat and potato of this program. The eBook is well laid out and easy to follow. I recommend reading it through once before starting any of the exercises in the Quick Start guide. The book not only includes how you do the exercises, but it also offers motivational information and nutrition details to ensure success. The book is easy to read, motivating and surprisingly enjoyable.
  • Quick Start Guide is a short 15-page guide which describes all of the exercises in LEAN, SHAPE, and BUILD workouts. You should read this after going reading through the Old School New Body eBook.
  • 5 Special Reports are specific tips to enhance the results, i.e. supplements to help burn fat, increase libido, etc.
    • Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets
    • Ultimate Health & Happiness Secrets
    • Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets
    • Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets
  • Audio Interviews with fitness professionals such as Tom Venuto, Shawn Phillips, Tom Platz, and Jennifer Nicole Lee, to name a few.


  • It lacks video tutorials. The F4X protocol only has pictures and illustrations. Those are clear enough. Perhaps, videos aren’t used to be cost efficient and can be accessed by many people as possible.
  • The nutrition can be more specific. Don’t get me wrong – Steve and Becky do well providing general guidelines. You rely on the knowledge you learn from the book. I’d like to see a real step-by-step process. There should be more diversified meal plans to add to a weekly schedule.


  • steve-and-becky-holemanTop-notch workout routines. F4X is designed to be efficient. You will work smarter, not harder. Exercise for 30 minutes for LEAN; 45 minutes for SHAPEe; and 60 minutes for BUILD.
  • Realistic diet plans. The Holmans do not ban foods; they simply advise on which foods can cause problems and which can help burn fat. To make the right food choice on a sustainable basis, the author explains the truth behind calorie consumption as well as food groups.
  • Saves time (so you can enjoy life!). Old School New Body includes a complete diet guide and meal plans to make it easy for you to follow. This seriously helps me save time. Plus, the F4X protocol ensures you go through the whole process faster and safer.
  • Versatile. The course is good for both young and not-so-young; men and women. All of the movements are carefully explained to prevent workout injuries and easy on your joints.
  • Inexpensive. The Old School New Body is, hands down, one of the best value in the market. The program does not require additional spending on fad foods. Instead, you will understand how to better prep a meal and the value of each food group. You can workout at home. Expensive gym equipment or gym membership is not needed. In fact, many exercises use your body (bodyweight)!
  • 100% money-back guaranteed. This means you will get to see the complete course and decide if it is right for you for FREE. It’s nice to have even though I doubt if you will need it. And please – take it for a spin for the full 60 days before you decide one way or another.


Final Word:

The Old School New Body offers one of the most powerful, safe and comprehensive weight loss programs in the market. It offers everything you need to know to achieve the optimal and lasting health.

The program isn’t just a weight loss product. It is a guide to being and living healthier. The book also covers anti-aging and feeling (and looking) younger.

There are no side effects. With the 60-day money back guaranteed, you are virtually risk-free. It is, at the very least, worth trying.

If you have tried one diet after another and failed. It may be time to make a change. I hope I have provided sufficient information to help you make an informed decision. Click here to read through the offer page.